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We believe that technology  enables more people
to travel more efficiently while enjoying the journey

We do that by providing innovative solutions that
Integrate Data Systems to serve the Travel Industry

About DTP

Established in 2004 in Dubai, DTP is a system integrator with a broad portfolio of solutions and services designed to support the aviation industry across the GCC. We offer cutting edge technology, including airport operation monitoring and forecasting solutions, multi-airport

management system, Airlines Hub Management, Special Airport Systems such as Airport Operational Database (AODB), Flight Information Display System (FIDS), Resource Management System (RMS), and Business Intelligence and Predictive Analysis solutions.

DTP has developed its pool of resources to enable its growth requirements and respond to the different challenges it faces. The company has structured itself to be agile to quickly respond to clients’ challenges, and to be proactive to offer latest technology, to enable and enhance its clients’ business.

Professional Services

PS team is the largest team in DTP and is responsible for the implementation and support of our different aviation solutions and DTP’s Integration and Business Intelligence services.


The R&D team is the freshest team in DTP. The team has been established to develop the latest DTP products. 

Project Management Office

Our PMO is a process oriented team. They are responsible to deliver DTP’s Products and Services in an efficient and high quality manner.

Business Development

Our BD is responsible to establish and maintain DTP’s affiliation with partners aiming to provide our clients with latest most advanced technology available. Also, BD is responsible to communicate DTP’s public perception and persona.

Sales & Accounting Management

A trustworthy team that is responsible to advise and look after our current and prospect clients and maintain a healthy and respectful relationship.

Corporate Services

Our Finance, Legal and Administration teams play an important role in supporting and protecting the company and its interests.


Most airlines and airports have daily operation management processes, but no schedule operates as planned!

Not many airlines and airports fully realize that operating tightly integrated- processes in real-time, enable them to collaborate more efficiently in handling exceptions, managing disruptions, and ultimately improving OTP.

All of these benefits can lead to service improvement and better cost management.

Our cutting edge solution captures, analyzes, and integrates process information from all kinds of sources to enable real-time collaboration among various stakeholders. It is equipped with deep analytics and forecasting capabilities to enhance the decision making process.


Our service portfolio includes Integration Services, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence services, AOS implementation and technical support.

Integration services is the DNA of DTP. Working with major Airports and Airlines on different platforms and technologies, has enriched our experience and made us an independent platform system integrator for the aviation industry in the region.

Our team is highly skilled and has vast experience in working with multiple platforms such as IBM Integration Bus, JBoss Fuse and SAP Process Integrator, MuleSoft ; across a range of protocols such as WebSphere® MQ, TCP/IP, Web Services and others.

Furthermore, we have developed a library of industry standard interfaces that are designed for the Aviation Industry and ready to be deployed at any Airport or Airline.



For the last 13 years, DTP has been providing services to world-class clients including Dubai Airports, Abu Dhabi Airports, Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) and Emirates Airlines.

Our major projects include DXB’s Next-Gen program, AUH AOS, Data Warehouse and business intelligence, DWC’s AOS and EK/DXB’s Info-Gateway integration project.


DTP has partnered with leading technology companies, such as SAP, IBM, Oracle and RedHat to deliver outstanding services and software, like DTP’s Flight Performance Monitor to help airlines and airports streamline their complex operations.

We have also partnered with major aviation solution providers such as Quintiq, Xovis, ARTiCS, Amadeus Airport IT, IKUSI and others to provide airports with latest operational solutions.


Latest News

Here are some latest news for the company, we were awarded in Abu Dhabi Airport

DTP head office is occupying the 38th and 39th floors of Aspect Tower, Business Bay in Dubai Downtown.  We are also located in the Corniche Building in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai Technology Partners L.L.C
Zone A 3801, Aspect Tower
Business Bay
Dubai, 91616

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